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Meet the Presenters 

Learn about the history of the Wytheville UFO wave



Danny Gordon

Journalist & Author

UFO author and speaker, Danny Gordon, retired from radio news broadcasting in 2016 after three decades and another four years as a reporter/photographer at the local newspaper. He co-authored the book, Don't Look Up, with his longtime friend and journalist, Paul Dellinger. Gordon has spoken at and been featured in UFO conferences in Texas, Arkansas, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and has appeared on radio and television programs world wide.

He has been seen on features with Men in Black, Unsolved Mysteries, and Hard Copy. He has one daughter and a son in law, and grandson. He has a degree in business management from Wytheville Community College, was named to the Wythe county Sports Hall of Fame and Civic Leaders Hall.

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Sean Kotz


Sean Kotz is a writer and filmmaker living in the New River Valley who has taught both subjects at Virginia Tech and Radford University over the course of 30 years.

His upcoming documentary, "Strange Country". explores the fascinating events surrounding the Wytheville UFO wave. He is also the author of the forthcoming book, Invasion '51, about the impact of the first alien invasion films on cinema, culture and the UFO phenomenon. And wherever he goes, cats seem to gravitate to him.


Dave Spinks

Investigator & Author


Dave has been investigating and researching the supernatural since 1986 due to several experiences he had as a young man. Since that time he has conducted several hundred investigations in the U.S. & Europe. 


Having investigated strange phenomena for over 30 years, Dave has built many friendships with some of the most well known investigators in the field today. He has been seen on various Television shows to include, Expedition X, Terror in the Woods, Paranormal 911, , The unXplained, In Search of Monsters, and These Woods are Haunted to name a few. He was also featured in the Film Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear by Small Town Monsters. He has been a featured guest on hundreds of paranormal themed radio Shows and podcasts.


He is also an author on topics that include cryptids, hauntings and ufology releasing his first book "West Virginia Bigfoot" in 2018, and he was featured in the highly successful "Woodknocks" series by David Weatherly. 


Ron Lanham &

Joe Purdue

Researchers & Artists


Following a UFO sighting in the mid 1970s and other seemingly related phenomena Ron began to pursue the study of UFOs and parapsychology.  He eventually founded his own paranormal research group “Ghost Watch R.I.P” which after several years only led to more questions. After this project he went on to co-found Wild & Weird West Virginia LLC as a public outreach to those who may have experienced something out of the ordinary. 


Ron is also one of the hosts of the “Wild & Weird Radio” podcast. He and Joe Perdue operate the local research project the “West Virginia High Strangeness Collective, an endeavor to create a network of researchers to help gather and store data on various phenomena.  Ron’s professional background is in multimedia art and 3D modeling which he uses to create products for Wild & Weird WV. His work can be found in many places and recently he contributed both art and cover design for Dave Spinks “Cooking with Cryptids” as well as providing several case files for a new revised edition of “Real West Virginia UFOs.” By Dave Spinks.   He can be seen in the Small Town Monsters films “The Mothman Legacy”, where he recounts his run in with a mothman-like creature and can also be seen in “On the Trail of UFOs, Dark Sky” where he and Joe recount some of the cases they have been involved in. Ron helps organize The Wild & Weird Workshops, Wild & Weird CON, and The Woodbooger Jamboree.  By creating paranormal and cryptid themed merchandise and content Ron and Joe have managed to become the states ambassadors of the paranormal and have been asked to speak at local schools about some of the strange legends in the state and to promote para-tourism in an attempt to help some of these small towns with big legends learn how to embrace their Wild & Weird legacies rather than hide from them.


Paul Dellinger

Reporter & Author

Paul Delllinger is a retired reporter and author. As a child, he remembers the UFO flap over Washington, D.C., which helped prompt an interest in the "flying saucer" phenomena. The first book he ever checked out of a library was Behind the Flying Saucer (1950) by Frank Scully, an early and somewhat sensationalized account of the proported crashed saucer near Rozewell,  New Mexico.

Paul has been publishing Science Fiction for decades. Among his published work is "The Saucer and the Dish," a comedic look at UFOs (Sir Magazine, Aug. 1974). Paul also co-authored "Don't Look Up" with Danny Gordon.


M. Peck

Audio Installation

When discussing music made in the heart of Appalachia; one would not be incorrect to assume that stringed instruments and hillbilly anthems are the first things that come to mind, and electronic music is the least likely outcome one would imagine.

M. Peck has been creating music out of his home studio for the past two decades, focusing on ambient, experimental and drone music. His ever changing style of incorporating multiple genres and influences  make it impossible to categorize him as a musician. His sonic output borders on prolific as it’s not out of the ordinary to see monthly releases available for download, or streaming here.