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Meet the Presenters 

Learn about the history of the Wytheville UFO wave



Danny Gordon

Journalist & Author

UFO author and speaker, Danny Gordon, retired from radio news broadcasting in 2016 after three decades and another four years as a reporter/photographer at the local newspaper. He co-authored the book, Don't Look Up, with his longtime friend and journalist, Paul Dellinger. Gordon has spoken at and been featured in UFO conferences in Texas, Arkansas, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and has appeared on radio and television programs world wide.

He has been seen on features with Men in Black, Unsolved Mysteries, and Hard Copy. He has one daughter and a son in law, and grandson. He has a degree in business management from Wytheville Community College, was named to the Wythe county Sports Hall of Fame and Civic Leaders Hall.


Susan Swiatek

Virginia MUFON Director

Susan Swiatek has been the MUFON Virginia State Director since 2003. She has organized the International Fortean Organization conference since 2014. She began publishing the Journal of Abuction-Encounter Research in 2007. Sue has lectured widely and contributed art and writing to many books including, Ron Story’s Extraterrestrial Encylopedia, Richard Hall’s The UFO Evidence – Part II and MUFON 50 Years 1969-2019.


She and her husband Rob Swiatek have been married since 1994.  Rob serves on the Executive Committee of the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) and continues to serve on the Board of Directors for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) since 2003.

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Richard Lang

Investigator & Author


Richard Lang began his career as a senior vice president working in Brokerage and the Trust Investment Division of Commercial Banks. In the years post-911, he worked with the Department of Homeland Security and was a member of the Anti-Terrorist Advisory Council Board. He worked with MUFON for years as Chief Investigator for both, Virginia and North Carolina. Based on his 30 years of experience, he has authored two books on UFO investigation techniques and government disclosure. Lang has also appeared on Discovery Channel’s, “UFOs over Earth”, and Discovery Canada’s, “Close Encounters” (Season 1 &2).


Ron Lanham &

Joe Purdue

Researchers & Artists


Ron and Joe are researchers and field investigators as well as experiencers. They are the founders of the WV High Strangeness Collective and Hosts of the Wild & Weird Radio Podcast. Ron is a professional artist multimedia content creator and has produced art for many publications and games. Joe is a USAF Veteran, Chef,  Master Naturalist & Conservationist among other titles. Both have been in many documentaries, spoken at multiple events, received community recognition for their research and have appeared in many podcasts about UFOs, Bigfoot and other paranormal phenomena. They are also West Virginia’s self-proclaimed Ambassadors of the paranormal and are involved in promoting Para-tourism in the Mountain state and beyond through public appearances, films, social media and holding their own events.


Paul Dellinger

Reporter & Author

Paul Delllinger is a retired reporter and author. As a child, he remembers the UFO flap over Washington, D.C., which helped prompt an interest in the "flying saucer" phenomena. The first book he ever checked out of a library was Behind the Flying Saucer (1950) by Frank Scully, an early and somewhat sensationalized account of the proported crashed saucer near Rozewell,  New Mexico.

Paul has been publishing Science Fiction for decades. Among his published work is "The Saucer and the Dish," a comedic look at UFOs (Sir Magazine, Aug. 1974). Paul also co-authored "Don't Look Up" with Danny Gordon.

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