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Out-of-this-World Vendors

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This list is still being updated as we add and confirm vendors.

If you would like to be a UFO Fest vendor, fill out the form on the application page.

ConjureDust Designs

Native to rural Ohio and owner of ConjureDust Designs, Danner Seyffer-Sprague is an Appalachian cryptozoology enthusiast and illustrator whose work emphasizes a creative blend between the great outdoors and things that go bump in the night.

Danner's aim as an artist is to take myths and legends from around the world and turn them into friendly, accessible campfire tails that can be enjoyed by all ages.

His most notable work can be found in the children's book, “Mothman Learns the ABC's,” which he co-produced with Michael Strayer of the Mothboys Podcast.

Cryptid Comforts

Cryptid Comforts is the creation of Lisa Russell who currently resides in Washington state. Her specialty is handcrafted stuffed toys that are cryptozoology themed. She also offers a variety of other awesome cryptid gifts. Her business motto is “making the world cuter one creature at a time”. 

Holly Who Art

I'm a West Virginia artist living in Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in weird. I create digital and painted art. I get my inspiration from cryptids, aliens, and horror genres

Wild & Weird West Virginia



Specializing in the art of pyrography, MetamorForest is where you'll discover unique and spooky wood-burned art, inspired by local legends, the macabre, nature and horror. Based in Louisville, KY, you'll find me set up at local markets and online at metamorforest.myshopify.com, or on Instagram at @metamorforestart. 

Ally Burke

Ally Burke is a self-taught artist based in East Tennessee working primarily with acrylics and inks. She started painting as a means of exploring her own fears, and is inspired by body horror, the occult, Halloween, and science fiction.

Elusive Hare

Hi, I’m Kim and my love for cryptids and the paranormal started as a child, being raised in a family with many UFO and paranormal experiences in Oregon. Because of these strange experiences I found myself drawn to creating artwork pertaining to the subject matter. It wasn’t until 2015, that I finally decided to make my art a career instead of a hobby. Now, you will find me In my studio in North Carolina creating ceramic mugs and sculptures of Bigfoot, aliens and other cryptids. And when I am not covered in clay, I like to create original illustrations for apparel. You can find my work on Facebook and Instagram (Elusive Hare) and my web store www.elusivehare.com or catch me vending at bigfoot, paranormal or UFO events.

Taylor Norris Art

Only Burns Twice Chili Peppers

Jonathan Dodd

Jonathan Dodd is an independent artist, storyteller, and illustrator hailing from Fredericksburg Virginia. Since childhood, Jonathan has been inspired by tales of the unexplained and aims to capture that same sense of wonder in his work. 


Jonathan has collaborated with all manner of fortean artists and content creators, from authors and researchers to podcasters and documentary filmmakers. 

Paranormality Magazine

Brettpunk Art

Brett Marcus Cook is an artist and comic creator from Bristol, Virginia. They're the creator of Cosmic Adventurer Slimepunk, a comic about an alien couple who travel the galaxy having strange encounters and fighting monsters. They are heavily inspired by weird lights in the sky, kaiju, and beings from other planes.

The Dungeon Rose

The Dungeon Rose is owned by Ronni Wood, a West Virginia transplant living in Southwest Virginia. She makes a variety of cryptid, book, and other generally nerdy-themed items. Some of her favorite things to make are earrings and ornaments, but she loves making all of her cute, geeky, and weird things!

Michael Samerdyke

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Michael Samerdyke has lived in far southwest Virginia for about 30 years.  He attended the Odyssey Writers Workshop in 2000 and has written 20 books.  Among his titles are non-fiction such as "Wascally Wabbit:  The History of Bugs Bunny," "Guess Who?  The Woody Woodpecker Story," and "Horror Cavalcade," which selects the best horror movies and radio and TV episodes of the 20th Century.  He has written the fantasy novel "The Adventures of Captain Starburst," about a teenager with superpowers, as well as several collections of horror stories, the Kino trilogy and the Tales of Kurgania trilogy.

On Wednesdays, We Talk Weird

Ashley Hilt is a Fortean Investigator and one half of the “On Wednesdays, we talk weird” Podcast. Ashley focuses mostly on Midwestern “woo” and will soon be debuting her Book and Documentary on the Mothman.



Mothboys Podcast

Mothboys is a comedy podcast on cryptids, conspiracies, and the unknown. They deep dive into subjects with a light-hearted and comical point of view. Find them anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Soul Travels

Out of this world guidance for people who know there's more to life than planet earth. We do starseed readings and activations, tarot readings, and Human Design consultations.


Leviathan Glass

Easton Hawk Illustrations

Hickory House BBQ

Wytheville's own downtown BBQ joint will be serving up delicious eats all day long!

K.Overbeck Art

A strange one indeed, Kevin Overbeck is a native of Kingsport, Tennessee and is now a new Bristol resident. Kevin is proud to be able to bring his unique, fun and bold artwork to the first UFO Fest"

D&J Hobby Center

Runaway Clay

Map in Black

Boogie Street Monster Squad

Hannah B Ceramics

Wooden West Virginia